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Message from the General Managing Partner

I was just one year old during our first democratic elections, when Nelson Mandela, alongside other freedom fighters, finally took their walk to freedom.  Today, we are really only beginning to scratch the surface in addressing the intrinsic and systemic challenges facing our country.

One of the shimmering hopes has been our ability to produce world-class entrepreneurs who have gone on to build global, market-leading businesses. Inspired by such success, many upcoming entrepreneurs are starting and growing businesses based on innovative ideas that are addressing local and potentially global needs.

I count myself as one such founder of a startup. I was able to build (and exit from) the business to return value to the investors who backed me. Unfortunately, many similar opportunities are lost because new entrepreneurs do not have the investment support they need to build valuable businesses!

In supporting entrepreneurial solutions, we aim to help solve the many challenges faced by our society. We are advocates of South African excellence and innovation, we support exceptional entrepreneurs to contribute to a better life for all.

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Seed South Capital's goal is to activate, educate and empower entrepreneurs through early-stage investment.


We have set up our fund to invest in exceptional South African startups, which champion African ingenuity, culture and innovation.

Covering a real mix of industries, technology-driven innovation and authentic African ventures, our fund fills the gap between seed investment and follow-on investment rounds.

We are connectors. We help South African entrepreneurs cross the first investment hurdle, while also offering investors access to previously untapped opportunities.

Home-grown approach

We know that a ‘copy and paste’ of other global investment approaches doesn’t work for South Africa. Our home-grown approach combines local expertise and understanding of local challenges with global advisory to drive growth for our early-stage entrepreneurs.  

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