myFanPark partners with OOOOO to bring live video commerce to South Africa

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VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Nov. 01, 2021 — OOOOO Entertainment Commerce Limited (“OOOOO” or the “Company”) (OOOO:TSXV), a mobile commerce platform, is pleased to announce its most recent partnership with myFanPark Inc, to launch interactive, live online shopping in South Africa in 2022.

myFanPark is a global fan-celebrity engagement platform that allows admired talent and creators to sell a highly personalized experience to their fans around the world. The company’s roster includes more than 3,300 talent from 31 countries, supported by operational teams in the USA, Europe, and South Africa.

Sam Jones, Co-Founder, and CEO of OOOOO says of the partnership: “The myFanPark partnership enables OOOOO to access a highly developed retail market in South Africa, with consumers wanting to experience live shopping. The South African market has one of the highest mobile penetrations seen globally, and other live shopping startups already operate in this sector of the e-commerce market in South Africa. The partnership aims to help myFanPark’s 1000s of creators offer their fans and supporters access to brands and products in a fun and entertaining manner. We are excited to get started.”

“We have keenly watched the success of entertainment commerce out of China and couldn’t be more excited with the OOOOO partnership. South Africa is a market where e-commerce transactions continue to surge, brands are forward-thinking and innovative and we have an influencer landscape that is vibrant and rich in opportunity,” says Joy Des Fountain, CEO of myFanPark.

Interactive video commerce continues to explode as a mega-trend worldwide, where in China alone, it is estimated to reach $305 billion this year according to Forbes. Having launched in November 2020, the OOOOO platform has seen hundreds of thousands of installs to date and successfully onboarded leading brands across the fashion, sport, beauty, and wellness industries.

“A number of brands and retailers have already shared their excitement for the introduction of OOOOO in South Africa. Over the coming few years, technology-led commerce innovation will serve as a catalyst for massive growth in the region. The appetite is there. Our market is ready”, concluded Des Fountain.

About OOOOO Entertainment Commerce

OOOOO Entertainment Commerce was founded by Sam Jones (ex-Wish) and Erich Zhang (ex-TikTok) in 2020, with offices in China, UK , Brazil, and soon South Africa. OOOOO operates a technology platform that enables retailers, brands and entrepreneurs to share product-based opinions directly to consumers through live, interactive, shoppable videos. The platform also offers gamification and social features which reward the community for helping to grow the user base, reducing the need for traditional ad networks.

About myFanPark

myFanPark is a fan-celebrity engagement platform that is reimagining how talent, creators, and brands inspire, motivate, uplift, and delight audiences through highly personalized and authentic interactions – including video message, Q&A’s, social media interactions, DM chats, Zoom calls, merchandise, and more. The company has captured the hearts of thousands of fans around the world and boasts a roster of over 3,300 celebrities, talent, and creators from 31 countries, supported by operational teams in South Africa, the USA, and Europe.

For further information or brand collaboration, please contact:
Joy Des Fountain, CEO of myFanPark 
at joy.desfountain@myfanpark

Seed South Capital is an investor in my FanPark.

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  • For further information or brand collaboration, please contact:
    Joy Des Fountain, CEO of myFanPark 
    at joy.desfountain@myfanpark

  • Seed South Capital is an investor in my FanPark.

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